Everything You Need To Know About A Malaysian Company Culture

What is a company Culture?

Company culture is referred to as the attitude, behaviour and values which a company holds and expects its employees to behave in that certain way. Company culture Malaysia includes the work environment, company mission and vision, values, ethics, expectations and goals. Every company has a certain set of cultures that are followed by each and every one working in that particular company because the company believes that by following such culture it will be easier for every member of the company to achieve the organizational goals and there will be proper maintenance of discipline. A company’s culture may have evolved over a period of time with the accumulation of decision’s made or it may have expressly or deliberately cultivated.

Malaysian Company Culture

Companies in Malaysia follow the Hierarchy style of company culture which can be seen from various aspects of the surrounding from decision making, seating arrangements and meetings. The Hierarchy style is a traditional business culture in Malaysia and the work in this culture revolve around being organised, structured, controlling and doing the right things.

Leaders are highly respected here. Leaders here keep a close watch on what the employees are doing. Since there are different layers of management in the hierarchy culture, people might thing dispute may arise with the authority but the boundary lines are so clearly defined that there is little or no issues with the authority. Job roles of employees in each level are clearly designated and communication crystal clear.

The Malaysian work contract is of a 48-hour workweek, 9 am to 6 pm with a 1-hour lunch break, but on Friday’s there is a 2-hour lunch break allowing the Muslim employees to pay a visit to the mosque to offer their Friday prayers. Working for extra hours or overtime is considered as dedication and hard work. Working for a long hour does not necessarily mean it will increase the productivity of the company but it is a kind of practice over there.

Malaysian’s prefer physical meetings over communication via any online platform. Generally, people in the top management enter the meeting first followed by the lower-level employees or lower management. The seating arrangement is also an important thing in the meetings, the high ranked management executive will be sitting next to the host. Malay meeting starts with general small talks with a general introduction of each other and personal details are also shared. Punctuality is expected for all employees, being late is considered disrespectful and lack of commitment but it is not the same for the higher management because being late shows they are busy and engaged.

In a Malay meeting, the senior-most person is introduced with full professionalism and with a general handshake. Muslim employee’s general greets each other with a Salam. A slight bow can be done to show respect to senior members. Malaysian’s wear simple and formal business attire while at work. The Malaysian people always use the diplomatic and polite approach for business negotiation same as other Asian country people. Too much straightforward and directness is considered to be rude. The first meeting is just for getting to know each other, the real business talk generally starts after everyone gets well acquainted with each other.

So, if you are visiting Malaysia on a business tour or conducting any kind of meeting with a Malaysian company, do not forget to keep in mind the company cultures which is followed by Malaysian companies and act accordingly so that the result of your meeting or business tour comes out to be positive as stated by the best company culture consultant, MeCan Trade Malaysia.