Top 10 Essential Qualities Of Entrepreneurial Leadership In Malaysia

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur and to create that entrepreneur leadership network Malaysia? You may have a solid idea for a new product or service, and maybe even a strong business plan to back it up, but if you want your start-up to have a chance for long-term success, you have Must also have the necessary leadership qualities. To take your dream from dream to reality. Leaders play many roles. The best leaders inspire, act as role models, and act as leaders for their companies. You don’t need to have employees to be a leader. Leadership qualities help home business owners deal with contractors, clients, customers and the general market. Most leadership qualities cannot be concretely measured, captured or reviewed. In other words, we can’t say that a business leader “scored 98 in the lead.” The best we can do is look at anecdotal examples or psychological studies to see what qualities good leaders generally possess to generate good entrepreneur business idea online.

1.Ability To Take Risks

There are certain characteristics of entrepreneurship that will make your ventures a success – and the one that tops the list is the ability to take risks. Starting any business carries a considerable risk of failure. Entrepreneurial ventures have high failure rates and only the hardest get hung up. But, sometimes, it’s perfectly fine to take the “practical” exit route and try something new instead of sinking your investment in time, money, or energy. Many famous entrepreneurs did not succeed at first. But he had the foresight to know when to cut his losses. Therefore, the courage and ability to take the said risk is essential for an entrepreneur.

2.Being Able to Adapt

As you begin your business venture, you may find that things that you expected to work well may not work at all. You may stumble into things you didn’t expect to work. You will see other people in your industry doing things that will work well for your organization and you will emulate them. Even if you are one of the lucky ones and your initial ideas work out perfectly, the world is constantly changing around you. This is why it is important for many successful entrepreneurs to be competent. To help you adapt to the changes, try to improve your coping mechanisms. Find your best way to adjust to and master difficult moments. The way you handle failures is critical to business success.

3.Can Sell

An entrepreneur should be comfortable selling and this is one of the most important skills of successful entrepreneurs. Even with a sales team, the team lead must be an expert in networking and be able to promote themselves and their business to customers, donors, suppliers and employees. Their business is bound to fail if the entrepreneur doesn’t know how to sell. Even if you don’t have any sales skills, be smart enough to partner up with someone who excels at it and can show you the ropes. Another way to improve your sales outlook is to learn how to build trust. Trust is the first reason others will buy from you.

4.Communication Skills

The leader is able to clearly articulate his ideas and plans to achieve common goals. They encourage communication between departments and levels. They avoid doubts and generalization in themselves. They even are able to avoid misunderstanding due to poor communication.

An entrepreneurial leader realizes the importance of initiative and responsiveness, and they go out of their way to provide all the support the team needs to achieve their goals. Leaders typically do not punish employees when they take a calculated risk that misfires.

6.Create A Conducive Environment for Development

With a deep understanding of the importance of other people’s contributions to organizational success, the entrepreneurial leader creates an environment and entrepreneur leadership network that encourages everyone to share ideas, grow and thrive. They actively seek the opinions of others, and encourage them to come up with solutions to the problems they face. The entrepreneurial leader also provides positive feedback when employees come forward with an opinion.


As we all know “Honesty is the best policy”. Therefore, making it most important quality of an exceptional leader. Honest entrepreneurs are able to quickly win the trust of their employees. People respect leaders for coming across as honest, and are more likely to accept positive or negative feedback and also work hard.

8.Stay Organized

This is a rare person among us who doesn’t feel the need to get more organized. Every entrepreneur spends some time to plan and organize the activities to be carried out by him. The secret to getting organized is to identify what are your most important tasks for the day and jot down an easy-to-do to-do list.


You won’t always make the “right” decision, and sometimes there won’t be any “right” decision to make. But when a decision needs to be made, you will be the one who makes it and you will also be the one to experience the consequences and be held accountable for them. You won’t do well if stressful situations demand immediate action if you procrastinate, or if you postpone difficult decisions for other people.


Being passionate is another essential quality for leaders. When you look at successful leaders and entrepreneurs, there is no doubt that they are passionate about what they are doing. Your energy and enthusiasm as a leader will fuel your efforts, and your employees, partners and customers will notice. Passion is contagious, so if you’re naturally excited about your business, the people around you probably will be too. Furthermore, passion translates into charisma for many leaders, which helps them gain more visibility in the media. All this without mentioning that building a business based on something you are passionate about is much more fun than building a business based only on monetary opportunities.

11.Inspiration And Passion

If there is one important characteristic in entrepreneurship, it is passion. It’s also the drive behind something you’ve built and want to keep improving. Motivation will motivate you to enjoy what you are doing and want to keep doing it for a very long time. Showcasing your passion and motivation will determine your success in any entrepreneurial venture.

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