Ways to increase and improve customer reviews for your social e-commerce website

Online reviews have become an essential feature of almost all e-commerce websites, as they have been proven to boost sales, as many shoppers base their decisions to shop on positive reviews. Because of this, it is essential that you focus on increasing these reviews if you want to take your online business to new heights of success. Website reviews are “trust signals” that inspire confidence in consumers’ minds. They describe the features or qualities of a website from the lens of customers, which gives greater credibility to the products or services offered on the site. Reviews also help crawlers increase search engine rankings in the form of high-rate unique, fresh content that originates from them. To help you get started, we have provided 5 helpful ways to increase your online reviews to improve your social e-commerce website traffic and conversion rates.

Ask for feedback

You need to develop a habit of seeking feedback. While this may not always be positive, it is always helpful. If you really want to offer the best customer service, then knowing what your customers think about your brand, business, products, and service are of the utmost importance.

Provide free credit to customers

Positive customer reviews are invaluable in improving the credibility of your site. However, most customers do not leave any reviews after purchasing a product or service. This may be because they are not satisfied or surprised by your offerings, or simply because you have no incentive to write long responses about your site. Giving customers something for free will surprise them and give them an incentive to leave positive answers about your business. For example, consider giving free credit to spend within 24 hours and request them to leave a review in return.

Provide Options

The fact that a customer is shopping for your products online is in itself evidence that they enjoy different options. When it comes to customer service, make sure that you have given them an equal opportunity to choose. Instead of giving the person a boring contact form, provide options such as live chat, Skype support, and a toll-free number to call.

Explore Email Marketing Software

Email marketing has proved to be the second-best medium for promoting online sales after search engine marketing. If you are serious about increasing your revenue and building a community around your shoppers, email marketing software is an essential component of your strategy. You have a few options when it comes to email marketing: You can contact a third-party company, buy email marketing software or use the features that come with your e-commerce platform. Whichever method you choose, you must first compile a verified list of email addresses of your target customers. You can then send them automated emails offering discounts and other incentives in exchange for positive product reviews. Keep in mind that this strategy is most effective when you send an email a few days after a product or service is purchased from your site.

Provide valuable follow up

We have received annoying emails from all the companies when we have purchased one thing from their site. Do not be that company! Instead of sending lazy promotions for months after purchase, shoot valuable deals and offers immediately after purchase. People are likely to convert when you are still fresh in their minds. Additionally, good deals and free offers care about keeping you as a customer.

Offer free shipping

One of the best e-commerce customer service strategies is to offer free shipping. It costs you a couple of extra bucks, but it goes a long way to impressing customers and persuading them that first purchase.

Be available

Part of the personal touch that is required for customer satisfaction is ensuring that your customers can reach you. For example, if you are in different time zones, be available on their time; This will help build their trust and remind them that the business is not programmed. Customer service may not be the preferred activity of most companies, but it should be a major point.

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